3DXtremes LLC



Our vision at 3DXtremes is to build a company capable of helping private inventors and organizations all across the United States develop their new product concepts.

Our mission at 3DXtremes is to provide powerful and streamlined prototyping and manufacturing services to inventors and organizations. We want inventors to do what they do best, rather than simply worry about the price or process.

At 3DXtremes, we strive to build a company run by those who are passionate about innovation and new product creation. We want to give our team the power to be creative and comfortable every single day, so that they will continuously love what they do and who they work with. 

3D Modeling

Turn your napkin-sketch idea into a CAD model ready for manufacturing.

cnc machining

Manufacture a highly accurate prototype out of professional materials.

3d rendering

Visualize and showcase your product design using our 3D rendering service.

urethane casting

Produce multiples of your prototype using a quick and affordable method.

3d printing

Rapidly create a physical prototype for testing using our 3D printing service.

injection molding

Professionally manufacture large quantities of your product.

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