Inventor Package $8,000 USD

This package is for the inventor that is ready to hit the ground running with their new product concept. Our inventor package provides the most hands-on support from our team at 3DXtremes to help you rapidly move your product through the development cycle so that you may seize your market opportunity.

This package includes the following services:

– 8 hours of 1-on-1 project consultation
– DIY Market Research Resources & Materials
– Final CAD Models & Renderings of Your Product
– Final Prototype Creation
– Manufacturing Quotes for Your Product at Various Quantities
– Product Showcase Website & Graphics
– Basic Patent Search & Report

This package typically takes 6-8 weeks to complete.

Prototypes created under this package are to be fabricated using various prototype creation processes with materials like plastic, rubber and other composite materials offered by 3DXtremes.

If you are looking to build a prototype that is ready to use in a crowdfunding campaign or to help you land a licensing deal for your product, this is the package for you.

This prototype will be made directly from the customer approved CAD models that are developed in the beginning of the project.

Step 1: Project Consultation & Planning

Once the project has begun, you will be able to schedule up to 8 hours of      1-on-1 consultation time with our team. During this consultation, we will map out a full plan for your project so that you can quickly begin bringing your product ideas to life.

Step 2: Concept Design Sketches

After you have reviewed our plan, our team will begin creating concept design sketches for your product. These sketches will be provided to you for approval before moving into the next stage.

Step 3: CAD Model & 3D Renderings

Once we have your approval on our concept design sketch for your product, our team will begin creating CAD models and 3D Renderings for your product design. 

Step 4: Design Adjustments

After you finish reviewing your V1 CAD models and renderings, you will be able to provide our team with feedback and change requests for your product design.  This package includes up to three revisions for your design.  

Step 5: Prototype Creation

Once we have reached the final version of your product design, our team will begin producing your concept prototype using various prototype creation processes with selected plastic, rubber and composite materials deemed necessary.

Step 6: Manufacturing Quotes

After your prototype has been fabricated, manufacturing estimates for producing your product at different quantities will be provided.

Step 7: Product Showcase Website & Graphics

Once we complete step 6, our team will take various photos and videos of your prototype, along with the 3D renderings we provided you with, and embed them in a customized website page built by our team that will help you showcase your product to anyone you would like. This web page will be password protected so that it can only be seen by those you choose to share it with.

Step 8: Patent Search & Report

The final step of this package is for our team to perform a basic patent search for your product idea. A report will be provided containing all relevant findings from the patent search so that you can better understand and decide if filing for a patent for your product idea is a smart move or not.

Google Review

Kamran E.

“You’ve got questions they have answers. make your product dreams come true.”

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Jim W.

“These guys know their stuff! They were professional, discrete and worked quickly to get the 3D prototype done and done well. Thank you! We’ll see you again soon.”

Google Review

Rand W.

“They were knowledgeable and professional in their work and actions. I’d recommend them and would use them for future projects.”

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William M.

“Quick and Precise!”

Google Review

Sherlonda A.

“I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for quality prototype and design help for a competitive price. We look forward to possibly working with them again in the future.”

Google Review

John C.

“They spent time with me to help me with exactly what I needed. They were also very professional in what they do and how they do it. My product came out great in the end and I couldn’t have done it without them!”

Product Design & Prototyping

We help inventors and creators turn their napkin-sketch concepts into product designs and physical prototypes that are ready to test & show off.

Low-Run & Mass Manufacturing

Our low-run and mass manufacturing services can help you produce your product from a variety of different materials and colors.

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